you’re such a tease

So we kicked off NEXT this past Sunday.  In leading up to it, we used 3 weeks of teaser vids to get a little buzz going.  Each week we made it a little longer, added a little more info.  We didn’t say anything about the series or the videos…just let them play.  It does mean that you can’t be planning for a series the week of.  Right now we have our series titles and topcis through December and will probably begin planning through Easter soon.  I know some churches are a year out.  That would be very cool.  The more time you give your creative people to think, dream and play with new ideas, the better the end result.  Pluse, you build “equity” into your creative people for down the road when a lead pastor calls an audible and goes a new direction every now and then.  Using teaser vids for upcoming message series has several pluses imo:

  • as mentioned above, gets people talking or at least thinking about the series.
  • because we built the graphics, audio and animation already, we have already done a lot of the legwork for the series graphics, bumper and countdown.
  • helps us to know if the graphics and videos “work” or not or do we need to change some things up before the series hits.

Here’s the first teaser from the first week we ran them.  Will post the others and the finished bumper later this week:


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