update on removing thinset from slab floor

So, the saga of removing thinset from 300 sq. feet of our kitchen, dining area, etc continues. This past weekend we rented a concrete floor grinder which ended up being a mistake. This grinder was working for about 15 minutes until it started throwing blades. This things was so beat up and old….it was just pitiful.

I had it at that point. I didn’t care. I went to Lowe’s and bought this little gem:

It’s a rotary hammer that has a simple hammer setting with no rotation. I bought a chipping blade and gave it a shot. I was wondering just how good it would work, but i started in on a 13″ square of thinset and bam……cut through it like butta! Was a beautiful thing. I had so much thinset to remove, I thought it would help my already frazzled mind to set some achievable goals and mark my progress. So I broke it up into sections and have noted how much remains and what I have completed:

(Numbe Indicate Square Footage – red indicates completed)
Front Entryway – 52
Kitchen – 68
Refrigerator – 6
Stove – 6
Kitchen to Dining Area Walkway – 8
Dining Area – 130 70 left
Garage Entry Hall – 30

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