UNLEASH 2009 Wrapup

Just some thoughts to wrap up the day at UNLEASH yesterday.  You can view my notes below by clicking on the replay buttons for each of the sessions/breakouts.  I love UNLEASH b/c it is a one day conference and gives pastors and volunteers the chance to get away for one day, experience an incredible ministry, expand their vision, grow in passion and get some encouragement.  Plus it’s close to us which is nice.  Here are some highlights and overall thoughts.

  • Great questions from first and second main sessions from Perry
  • To build HIS church: Are we willing to embrace change? Are we willing to work? Are we willing to reach the world? In ministry/leadership: Who is with me? Am I pleasing YOU, God? Will we see YOU, God? What’s next?
  • The main sessions were the highlight for me.  There is just SO much to chew on there for the next several months.  Worship, video elements, and just the presence of God in the place was palpable.
  • Was stoked that Kim was able to go.
  • 3rd time that I’ve been and always leave with several “takeaways”
  • Wished that our lead team from CCC could have made it to UNLEASH.  Bummer that they missed out on that.  A few made it.
  • Production quality was stellar as usual.
  • Perry said that a lot of churches are still stuck in the 80’s….some still in the 50’s.  I would tend to agree and add that ALOT of churches that consider themselves as “contemporary” are stuck in the 90’s.  The gospel doesn’t change, but our methods MUST.
  • Got to meet up with several friends from all over, including some fellow tweets.
  • Some good stuff in Shane Duffy’s breakout on service programming.  Love the details and the practical stuff.  Some good follow up questions, too.  One of the takeaways from that: Excellence is taking away any distraction (bad singer, tech glitches, even service elements, etc.) that obscure people’s view of Christ and the message.
  • Newspring volunteers and staff did an incredible job as usual in making it happen.
  • I’m glad that so many people got to experience UNLEASH, but honestly, I thought their facilities were inadequate for that size of crowd.  Don’t get me wrong…their facilities ROCK.  For the main/general sessions they were able to fit everyone in by using the student ministry facility.  The breakouts?  totally different story. Dunno…maybe limit the registrations to 2500?  Or, maybe get some more larger tents to use outside for breakouts if there is some space on the property to accomodate.
  • You can watch the main sessions now online at the UNLEASH website here.  Click on the power icon, click menu, on demand library and then UNLEASH 09.

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