turning the corner

Went to the doctor today and he hooked me up with some antibiotics. Starting to feel considerably better than I did so I’m hoping that I’m putting this crud behind me. This stuff just drains you and takes it out of you.

I feel like I have a gazillion things to do as we head down the home stretch to Easter….It is less than 20 days away folks…can you believe it? I have some notes from the Multi-Site Practicum in Chicago that I’ll be posting in the next several days, too. The multi-site practicum handed out notes to fill in so I can’t really “distribute” those on the blog b/c people actually paid to go the conference and were given those notes as a part of it. I do have some notes of some of my impressions and observations.

In the meantime, if you want a GREAT place to start on multi-site churches, this is a must read by Surratt, Ligon & Bird:

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