Tommy Barnett – C3 Sixth Session

Tommy Barnett
The Honor of Wanting to Quit

• If you’ve ever wanted to quit, you’re in good company
• Jeremiah – wanted to give up but the fire burned too deep
• Abraham – depression came
• Peter – denied the Lord and even cursed God
• John the Baptist – asked Jesus are you the Christ
• Spurgeon – criticism came, bouts of depression
• Churchill – depression
• All the great men I’ve ever known have had moments of wanting to quit

Statements on quiting
1. Wanting to quit is a sign of success
• successful people are the only ones that want to quit b/c they have something to quit

2. The more you have to quit, the more you want to quit
• the higher you go, the lonelier it becomes, the scarier it becomes

3. You can enjoy the luxury of wanting to quit if you know you’re not going to quit
• a burden comes and goes but it is the call of God that gets you up
• don’t enter into ministry based on a burden…it has to be the call of God

How Not to Quit
1. Burn the bridges behind you
• You have to burn the bridges of all other desires
2. Don’t tell anyone you want to quit
3. Hang around people that you want to be like
4. If you don’t want to quit, lock yourself in so that you can’t quit
• David’s heart was fixed on God

Great men are just ordinary men that wouldn’t quit

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