The Jones Chronicles

Been an eventful week or so.  Here are some quick hits to update you on things:

  • yep, the van is dead so Kim and I have been car hunting the last several days.  I don’t like car hunting.
  • we sign the paperwork tomorrow on our new vehicle.  We are buying a 2003 Honda Odyssey that is immaculate, has very low mileage and the price is really good.  Buying it from the original owners, and they are a very nice family who were pretty meticulous in their care of the vehicle.  Feel good about it.
  • Having one car totally threw off our schedule, especially my work schedule.  Been taking care of some items from home.
  • Really got a lot out of the multi site conference in Seacoast.  Very well done and had some very cool conversations as well.
  • Got to talk with Gary Lamb for a while at the conference.  Dude is the real deal, loves Jesus and God is rockin North Georgia through Revolution Church.  Plus, he loves the DAWGS. 🙂
  • Speaking of the DAWGS, it took me a good week to get over the BAMA loss.  Nothing a smackdown of UT wouldn’t cure.  I would love to see us put up 40 on them.
  • Starting on Thursday, I had what looked like a bug bite on my neck.  Thing was painful and growing.  I put some hydrocortizone creme on it, and just went about my business.
  • Saturday, this thing is hurting big time.  I’m thinking a spider bite.
  • Wake up this morning, and I feel like I’m growing a second head…and it hurts really bad.  I decide to go to Doc in the Box.  Get there when it opens so I don’t have to wait too long.
  • Doctor walks in, takes one look at it and says, “That’s an abscess.  We’ll have to open it up.  Go ahead and take your shirt off and lay down on the table.”  At that point I’m praying, “God give this dude steady hands.”
  • Laying on the table, they stick a needle in it with some numbing medicine.  Just that about sent me to the moon.  The nurse says it is best to go through this little bit of pain right now.  I think to myself “Now why would she say that…?”  🙁
  • Next thing I know, the numbing medication takes over and I’m feeling a little better.  No sooner had that happened that homeboy grabs the scalpal and lances the abscess.  That was the easy part.  He then grabs a hold of the abscess and I thought I was going to put the nurse through the wall with my leg…I’m not kidding.  And then he says, “Oh, this is a stubborn one…”  Just what you want to hear.  He then gets a vice grip hold of it and is able to….evacuate it of the stuff inside (I’ll spare you the details here).
  • So, they put on some gauze, tape it up and send me on my way with some antibiotics and a size 24 neck.

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