tech talk: Sorenson 3 went missing from Final Cut Pro

Okay, for all the non-technical people out there, you may not want to read this post… I must warn you, boring tech talk ahead.

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I edit in Final Cut Pro and often output to a Sorenson 3 Compression. Pretty common practice. I was editing one day here recent, went to export my project using quicktime conversion. Went to my options to chose Sorenson 3 and I about had a cow. My dearly loved Sorenson 3 compression setting was no where to be found. So were a few other settings. After digging around, I discovered the issue.

Apparently in one of updates for Quicktime, Apple thought it would be a good idea to not include some “older” compression settings in Quicktime. Apple is notorious for doing this time to time…I still love my macs :). Fortunately, they also included a solution if you need these archaic settings.

Solution: Go to Apple Menu > System Preferences. Chose QuickTime. Click on the Advanced tab. Check the checkbox “Show legacy encoders – Allows exporting using older codecs” and voila…..Sorenson is back baby!

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