movie trailer addict

All my life, I’ve been a huge fan of movies.  Some of my earliest memories that I can remember to this day are ones of our family going to the drive-in theater that use to exist in North Augusta.  My mom would pop literally a paper, grocery sack full of popcorn, and we would load up and head to the drive-in.  My first job in high school was at Master’s Cinemas on Washington Road in Augusta.  I always loved working on Friday nights when there was a new, summer blockbuster being released.  The place was packed, people were excited to be there, saw people I knew….hmmm..similarities to a church there…but I digress.  Kim is my movie buddy and we watch a lot of movies at the house and love to spend a date night catching a new flick. (side note here: one of my pet peeves – people who talk during the movie…just be quiet, really, seriously…people don’t like you at all when you are flapping your gums during the movie. Save your money, stay at home, wait for the dvd, talk all you want then and allow us to watch the movie that we paid half a mortgage payment to see)

Along with movies, I also love movie trailers.  Most of the time, studios will include some of the best scenes and lines in that glorious two minutes or less.  This spring and summer looks to be full of a lot of movies that I’ll be checking out.  Here area couple of links to sites that I frequent to get my movie trailer fix.  Enjoy: