40 Days of Blogging

40days_01Okay, I think it is time to try an experiment.  Other than the numerous times the number 40 is used in the Bible, it seems that there are numerous movements, causes and focuses that use the number 40 as in “40 days of ________.”  Well, my experiment is this: 40 Days of Blogging.  For the next 40 days, my commitment is that each day, I will post at least one blog.  There are numerous reasons for this for me.  Some of which are:

  • want to build some dialogue and discussion on my blog
  • want to share more than just some ideas but even some stuff that God has been teaching me in my life
  • thought it would be fun

So, here is to the next 40 days.  Stick around, join the conversation, and add your comments/thoughts. Peace.