Sunday Mind Dump

Here’s the latest from the world of Jones:

  • Good day today at Cedar Creek.  Kim and I went with Hannah to a meeting for parents of rising 6th graders.  That’s just blows my mind…I’m about to have a middle schooler.
  • Having worked with middle and high school students for close to 12 years in student ministry, I’ve had the opportunity to be on the giving end of that talk…not the receiving end.  Kind of surreal.  Now I’m waiting for the day she loses her mind for the next 6 or so years.  Hopefully she won’t 🙂
  • Thought Phillip’s illustration of how we rely on one “charge” to last us the whole week or month was spot on.  Set the tone perfectly for the message.
  • Well, here it is 6 months out from the launch of our first multi-site campus and we had our first major media glitch this morning.  Unknown to our banks mill media team, neither our primary recording of the 9:30 service (p2 cards) nor our primary backup (dvd) had audio going to them.  Freak thing.  Found the culprit.  It was a small button that never (and I mean never) gets pushed that caused the problem.  Add that to the list of things to check during warmup.
  • With plan a and b not working, we went with plan c: Wes, our campus pastor at the West Campus, preached.  Phillip always gives Wes a copy of his message.  Cool thing is that Wes said he had a feeling that today was “the day” when he would preach.  Also, as he was looking over the outline this weekend, he saw some natural personal illustrations he could use.  He did an outstanding job from what everyone said.  Sounds like a setup to me 🙂  God’s good at that.
  • Kim and I went out on a much needed date Friday night.  Was good to hang out together.  Went to see Night at the Museum 2…bad call.  Should have gone to Borders and gotten some coffee instead.  Wait for the DVD on that one.  We were going to see Terminator 2 but missed the showtime.
  • Was saddened to hear the news about Revolution Church today.  I’ve worked with Gary and RC on several projects for their message series and really have a lot of love and respect for all of them.  Praying for them that God would bring healing to the Lamb family, the other family involved and Revolution Church.  Would you pray for them right now, too?  Bottom line on all of that is an old school quote: “There but for the Grace of God go I”  Pray for them as you think of them.
  • Next couple of months should be pretty fun and exciting.  Vacation with the family somewhere in there, doing production and video for two student ministry camps at the beach and get to preach the last Sunday in July.
  • I’m out..peace.

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