Some gleanings

Taking my lead from Grandma Bomar (another story for another time..I’ll share it later), I’m reading through the Bible front to back. I’ve done this a few times in my life, and whenever I have before, I have gleaned so much from those times. So many principles, truths, convictions, etc. All the while, I’m praying Grandma Bomar’s prayer: “Lord, I’m not going to move from this chapter until You show me something. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Here are a few items from this morning that stuck out (Monday):

  • Gen 13: 1- 11 – Sometimes, possibly most of the time, the easier choice is not always God’s way. In fact in my own life the opposite has been true so often. Lot chose the easy route, the place that “looked” real good.
  • Gen 13:12-18 – If you pitch your tent near trouble you’re bound to get into it. Lot actually didn’t pitch his tents IN Sodom…but near it. Still it ended up costing him his wife, his livelihood and almost his whole life.

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