Riding Waves

One of the things I learned when I went to C3 from Ed Young, Jr. is to ride waves of momentum to promote the next series and opportunities at your church. For example, they knew that Christmas Eve they would have huge crowds coming. So they actually flew to Miami and did an interview with Hulk Hogan and used that to promote the next series coming up in January. They would use snippets leading up to the Christmas Eve services and then would expand it on Christmas Eve itself. In the series, they do a longer interview with the Hulkster about different life issues.

While we won’t be interviewing Hogan this year (maybe next 🙂 …), we are focusing on doing two things to ride what we hope is a momentum wave at Easter:

  1. We shot a promo video that will be shown right at the end of the service before our closing song. I’ll post the video after the event.
  2. We created these graphics and had 6000 of them printed up on 8.5 x 5.5 cards. As people leave, we’re going to put one in everybody’s hand as well as encouraging our people to put it in hands of their unchurched friends.

Here are the pdf’s of the cards:

Building Better Relationships Front
Building Better Relationships Back

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