Prentice Story Video

This morning Phillip concluded his message with a video about the Prentice family.  This was a video that I shot last Sunday afternoon and edited this week.  Going into the video, we thought it was going to be primarily a video to promote Grace Kidz, the special needs ministry at Cedar Creek Church.  However, like what happens much of the time, the video ended up telling a bigger story.

We wrapped up our vision series this week and this video ended up painting a picture of what it looks like when the body of is working toward the same result and the church is fulfilling its vision.  Christian was invited by a friend in our student ministry.  Jamie and Logan ended up getting plugged in to our special needs ministry in several areas.  That’s not to mention all the other areas (care ministry, home groups, greeters, worship, media, etc.) that all played a part in helping them to feel welcome but also communicating God’s grace.  Now, they’re investing in people’s lives, too.


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