Perry Noble – C3 Fourth Session

Dude…Perry seriously brought it. Creekers, we need to firm up our numbers and our names for Unleash. If it is anything like what he brought today….wow!

Here are the notes and highlights:
Perry Noble
Matthew 17
• If we believe lies, they hold us captive and we’ll tell others and keep them captive
• Leaders – we often believe the lie that what we do doesn’t matter
• When it comes to the church, what we do matters

1. the environments that we create matter
• If you are attending a church that you wouldn’t attend if you weren’t on staff, then something needs to change in the environments
• Matthew 17:1-3 – Jesus was transfigured, moses and Elijah showed up. Peter, James and John were able to see Jesus in a way they could truly understand.
• It’s our job on Sunday to offer God the very best. You don’t have to be like anyone else.
• Environments need to be places where people can see Jesus for who He is.

2. Vision matters – Matthew 17:4
• Peter said it is good for US to be here….let’s build 3 shelters
• In other words, Peter didn’t have a vision to take this past the mountain
• If we have an environment that’s exciting, we can go out and tell people who Jesus is
• What kind of people do you have showing up at your church
• That will show what your real vision is
• (v. 5) – a cloud enveloped the mountain and a voice said this is my Son with whom I’m well pleased. Listen to Him – in other words, listen to the one who is giving the vision
• God gives the vision and it happens in your personal time with the Lord
• If you ever can’t support the vision of your senior pastor, then leave them
• (vv 6-7) when the disciples fell facedown, they fell down terrified, but Jesus came to them and said get up and don’t be afraid

  1. Jesus first told them “get up” – we need encouragement, some are ready to give up and quit. It’s time to get up and get on with the vision.
  2. Jesus told them to not be afraid. When you start working from vision, there will be issues.

3. Jesus matters –
• churches often become issue focused vs. Jesus focused
• It’s not my job to be anti-anything
• It is my job to be pro-Jesus
• (v.8) When they looked up, they saw noone except Jesus
• when you stand in front of your church on Sunday that is the most powerful people on the earth because of Jesus in and through them

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