Paradigm Shift – Part 2

Okay, so it was more than a few days, but I wanted to finish up my thoughts on Paradigm Shift that I started in this post a few days earlier.  As I read through Acts 10, this process of change seemed to look like this.  I won’t go into detail, but you can hit Acts 10 when you get a chance:

Process of a paradigm shift for a leader:

  1. Need – Cornelius was hungry for God, but he had yet to hear the story of Jesus.
  2. Truth/Vision – In his vision, God laid down the truth that God has called him (and us) to do what it takes to tell the story of Christ to anyone, regardless of background, etc.
  3. Calling – it was the Holy Spirit (v19) that told him to get up and go with the men to Cornelius’ home.  Just a thought here, am I  (and are we) listening to the voice of God for His vision for our life and ministry or are we just adopting someone else’s?
  4. Obedience – Peter left and went to Cornelius’ home.  Once he heard from God, there was no more prayer needed about whether or not he should go.  “God, give me ears to hear like that” is what I’m praying for.
  5. The Shift – “I now realize…” (10:34) The truth that he knew with his head was now internalized in Peter.  It was no longer just something he knew but was in his bones at that point.
  6. God Moves – When Peter acted on the vision, calling and truth that God had given to him, the Bible says that while he was “still speaking these words” (v44), the Holy Spirit came on all who heard.  God showed up in a big way.  What an incredible picture for our ministries and lives that is.  That whole point could be a sermon 🙂
  7. The Shift spreads in others in the ministry and organization – v45 says that the “circumcised believers” ie Jewish believers, were astonished b/c the Holy Spirit had been poured out “even on the Gentiles”.  Because of the paradigm shift that happened in Peter, it affected the other Jewish believers and would eventually open new doors for many Gentiles to receive Christ in Acts 11.

Thoughts & Questions on The Shift:

Here are some of the ideas and questions that I’m asking myself as I’m thinking through this process of change and having a shift in the way that I think.

  • The paradigm shift began in one person.  Yet it impacted the entire Church and everyone at Cornelius’s house and help spread the news about Jesus.  He was also a centurion so he had much influence over his regiment and others.
  • Churches and organizations that refuse to change their methods will eventually die.  This is the “we’ve always done it this way” mentality.  That can be true for the church that’s been in existence for 100 years or for even 2 years.
  • What assumptions do I have that are simply cultural and traditional that are not necessarily Biblical?  What sacred cow needs to be turned to T Bone?
  • What are the 1 or 2 changes (maybe more) that I need to make in my church or ministry area that could facilitate a move of God?  What are the 1 or 2 changes that I need to make in my life?
  • What could/would your church look like if you made that change?  Dream big!
  • What are the assumptions that I have that have placed God in a box?
  • Some common questions that I’ve struggled with. Maybe you have to: What if I fail?  What if that idea/method doesn’t work? Did I hear God right on that?
  • I think it is important that we think through is it change for the sake of change or is it change because our methods are busted and ineffective.  You MUST be honest here.  Drag the elephant in the corner of the room to the middle and talk about it openly and honestly.

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