Multi-Site: High Tech on a Low Budget

here are my notes from the breakout:

High Tech on a Low Budget

3 models on a multi-site website:
1. choose your campus
2. content with option to select campus
3. information about location but no campus specific portals – one hub

expression engine – national community church (NCC) portal content management system

NCC uses Episode Pro to export to web and multisite use

Seacoast – Clip mail – to play off live and two dvd backups at every location
Ffmpeg for encoding

NCC Media – 3 full time staff, 2 part time plus 7 interns with discipleship and video
Media budget (includes audio) is $100,000 includes ability to buy larger ticket items like new projector
IT budget – $40,000
Website – $20,000

Seacoast –
$60,000 – $80,000 per year for media – really depends on need/project
2 full time editors, one full time media overall person, use freelancers for projects

good thing about interns is it allows you to see how much more for

you definitely need to have multiple backups (dvd, digital tape, etc.)

Seacoast uses Polaroid DVR’s to go to multiple venues on campus

Tracking website activity: awstats, most is google analytics, woopra, crazy egg – uses heat map visibility to see which parts of our site are dead,

Internet campus – some people are using webcast as church services around the country

Media with ministries in church – ticketing system internally with due dates.  Bunch of solutions on the web to use.

Free networking equipment – adtram partner, find partners with companies for beta testing, writing letters, getting on people’s radars, companies want to get into the church market, non profit licensing

Account with CDW for non-profits
Microsoft has non-profit pricing
Apple setup their own store for NCC for their products

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