Multi-Site Exposed – round table intro

so I’m going to post some scatter brain notes and they may or may not make sense.  Here are my notes from yesterday’s intro that had dino rizzo, mark batterson and Surratt from Seacoast:

“good to great” Collins – read

what are you passionate about?
What could you be the best in the world about?
What is your resource engine?

Seacoast – week delay video

Dream center – travel anywhere to learn from others

Advice to senior pastors moving into multi-site?
– go and experience it somewhere. get your sr. pastor and go
– learn from networks doing multi-site

Paradigm shift in pasturing multi-site church:
– senior pastor – not everyone needs to know me.  As a pastor you need to be okay with that.  Not everyone needs to know me, but they need to know Jesus.
– not using main campus terminology

Saturday night recording, videos and creativity is centralized, week delay gives you the ability to get best of

Questions that came in via text:
Key to successful campus and what is success?
– Doing what we say we’ve come to do, integrity (ie: great weekend services, great ideas in action)
– campus pastor is the absolute key, location, worship, how you handle kids
– prayer walking over locations, many prayers before launch builds the right foundation
– have to have a passion and a burden for that area, a God-moment that says “there’s something about this place that is beyond the demographics that says we have to go here”

How do you replicate the dna across sites?
– Making sure all of your campuses are treated equally.
– Staff meetings – senior pastor spends time talking about guarding our heart and vision/dna
– Language – constant correcting and using the correct pastors
– campus pastor is going to be key DNA character
– would not hire externally to be campus pastor (they have dual portfolios in that that they do several roles)
Every area (children, worship, other areas) filter to make sure that they are on the same page
I – initial (things that they want to be done from the start)
P – preferred (want them to be doing this within one year)
O – optional (up to them)
D – discouraged (don’t do this)

Bullpen/Skybox – video tool where can monitor and look at the actual worship experiences to give instant feedback as well as record worship experiences in real time to give to campus pastors.  Uses cameras.

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