Multi-Site Exposed: More or Less Stuff by Shawn Wood

okay, that’s not the title but it is what I gave it 🙂  Same disclaimer – these notes may or may not make sense.  Hope it helps:

Multi-site increases the complexity and amount of media/communications needs

We’re worried about the stuff (technology, media, etc.) that we start focusing on the stuff and neglect the message and communicating about Jesus

Worried too much about stuff:

Managing brand – spinning and fabricating the brand
Perfect brand – seekining excellence to where perfection becomes the idol
It is possible to be excellent and yet not be effective

Good enough principle – Seacoast tries to hit that
Doesn’t mean you go after unexcellence – just find balance and knowing when to release a project to go

Find out what priorities of your church are and building schedule and time around priorities

Priority scale –
1. this weekend – top priority
2. weekends to come
3. championed event – children, small groups, students – has to affect more than 3 campuses
4. championed event – affects one campus

they do outsource some things if they can

Alfred the slide making monkey – custom program built to update own slides but keep them consistent, build backgrounds and they can make their own slides (135 template backgrounds and add as they go)

Project requests:
Build CMS (Project Management System) – Support Suite – open api, base camp for high level projects –  that manages all projects for graphics, signage, web, announcements, video

Setup criteria for each category, must provide text for project before begin, deadline, and then move to an open project, keep in contact with people in submitting requests, have to enter hard costs of projects, if can’t meet deadline, might have to outsource if timeline can’t be made, sometimes there has to be a no but we can possibly point you in a different direction.  Sometimes you have to let campuses and ministry go and try it on their own and if there is a quality control issue, address later

Web stuff –

Most Effective Advertising for Seacoast:

  • Word of mouth
  • Signage is #2 (used cool plywood signage – 24/7 signage very creative, road signs, inside)

  • Smells good – make sure place smells good, light candles, plugin glades, etc.
  • Response times – candles, crosses, people to pray for
  • Pre-Service Music: Don’t want to upstage worship – music playing a little bit more subdued as coming in
  • Signage at mobile sites – directional signage, big flag signs, place with circles with vinyl letters to change arrows, vinyl signs for everything in lobbies and children’s ministries (registration and room signs)
  • Each campus has business cards with service times to use as invites

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