Multi-Site Exposed: Dino Rizzo

notes from Dino’s message.  good stuff.  Some good takeaways so far and some good conversations:

Dino Rizzo
Whether it is multi-site or multi ethnic, multi national thought, not sure about x’s and o’s.  It’s not about us, the hope is that we’re making an eternal memory for someone else.

We’ve discovered power along the way

Strategic Reaction – Luke 8:41- 47 – Story of woman bleeding and touched Jesus’ garment and was healed

1. Even when no one was looking for it, God knew what was going on.  Jesus was on His way to Jarius’ house when the bleeding woman touched the robe of Jesus.
Some things in ministry just happen where we’re not looking for it.

God’s will is not hard rights and hard lefts, but rather on ramps and off ramps as you go along heading toward what God has placed in your heart

My Plan vs. God’s Plan?

2. Are we willing to lead into a divine interruption?
3. What’s grabbing your heart that God wants to use to get your attention?  What is close to you pulling you?  What is so close to you?  There’s just something different about this passion.
4. God allows some things that we only could dream of

The hope at the end of it all that the kingdom of God expands and grows
Is it making the kingdom of God grow
A lot of divine connections happen because of diving interruptions

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