Multi-Site Exposed Conference: Mark Batterson

Here are some notes that stuck out to me from yesterday’s message from Mark:

1 samuel 14:6 – “…perhaps the Lord will act on our behalf.  Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving us, whether by many or by few.”

Jonathan and armor bearer engage the enemy without any other help
What gave him the courage to climb the cliff and engage

Many of us have the mindset: “perhaps the Lord WON’T act on our behalf.”

Eph 1:23 – Him who fills everything in every way.
God fills vacuums – volunteers

How do you know if people are on board with you?
Survey – take a survey of people who would be interested in launching a new location

If you’re going to lead the multi-site effort, you’re going to have to have this Jonathan attitude

Anything less than multiplication is poor stewardship and spiritual laziness
– why do we need to launch another location?  Because perhaps the Lord will act on our behalf.  there’s a little bit of Saul on the outskirts wanting to sit back and watch but at some point, we have to act.

Not everybody can be a Jonathan but you can be an armor bearer
Our churches are full of armor bearers that are ready to help: “Do all that you have in mind,” his armor-bearer said. “Go ahead; I am with you heart and soul.” v.7
They are waiting for you to move ahead

You’re going to take that first step of faith and then there will be that part of doubt

What God ordained passion keeps getting repressed? 

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