…that takes me back..

Was groovin’ to some old school Christian music tonight. Took me back to those early days when I became a true Christ follower…when I got real with God.

Was listening to Margaret Becker and her release “Immigrant’s Daughter”…probably her best release imo. She has a powerful voice with just enough rawness, but she can flat out sing. While my musical taste ebb and flow, I still remember those early days with Jesus and the music that was a real point of hope, encouragement and grace in my life. I mean that sincerely. What really grabs me about Margaret’s music is you feel the passion of pursuing Christ and the reality that we are really screwed up apart from Him and desperately need His grace in our lives.

Here’s a lyric from “My Passion” that just nails me every time I hear it:

“I see you standing on the other side
there’s still too much of me between You and I
So I will for wisdom
And I cry for a cure
Cause I need less of me
And I need you…more and more!”

Jesus, I need less of me, more of you…period.

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