migration complete and UNleash at Newspring

I successfully moved my blog to the new server today. Had to actually do a good bit more digging in the backend of the site to make it happen, but hopefully down the road I can more rapidly deploy posts as well as audio video.

Few quick hits:

  • UNleash at Newspring was incredible. We had about 40 or so creekers there. For those that had to leave early and missed the last session….I’m so sorry but you missed the best part of the day…seriously. Fortunately for you I’ll have a copy of the cd from the last session that you can listen to. Should be in next week.
  • I got home from UNleashed last night and just sat in silence for a while trying to process everything. Got some notes that I’ll be posting over the next few days.
  • What an incredible job the Newspring staff did, both paid and volunteer alike. Everything was excellent. Our folks are ready for next year already!
  • I praise God for what He is doing through Perry and the people at Newspring.

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