let the smack talkin’ begin!

Was reading through some blogs last night and came across Perry’s latest post. You know football season is near when the smack talkin’ begins (see the end of his post). I love this time of the year. You see the high school teams starting up two-a-day practices and colleges starting the same. Were inching closer to just a month away from the start of football season!!! Woo HOO

So, being that I’m a die hard Georgia fan, I wanted to address the smack! Now, I’ll admit it….Clemson has a fairly easy path to not only a possible ACC championship, but also a shot at the National Championship. Their schedule sets up nicely for them and they return some serious talent, especially in the backfield. But do you really want to talk smack about UGA? I mean aren’t you suppose to win a conference championship before you can even “dream” about a National Championship (Clemson hasn’t won their conference since FSU joined in like 1990, UGA has played for 3 conference championships in the past six years and won 2 of them). Aren’t you suppose to be used to 10-win seasons before you look beyond to the post season at a National Championship (Clemson’s last ten win season….1990, UGA has had 5 10-win seasons out of the last six years)? Why no love for the UGA? Maybe he’s old enough (like me) to remember the good ole fashioned hate that existed between the two schools in the early eighties when UGA would play Clemson with the national title shot on the line. Maybe it’s because the last six meetings between UGA and Clemson have resulted in a UGA win, including a shut out of 30-0 win in Death Valley in 2003 (that was a fun day…was there…was incredibly hot but very fun).

I’m just sayin…. 🙂

Let the smack begin!!!

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