Jones update

Been a crazy few weeks here so my blog has been neglected.  Wanted to give some quick hits on stuff that’s going on in the world of Jones:

  • Sitting here watching the SEC Championship game.  I don’t care for either bama or UF, but seeing as I can’t stand UF and would have a hard time pulling for them against the Taliban, roll tide.
  • Makes me sick how we played and finished out the season. We have to be the worse 9-3 team there is right now.  The way we lost to both UF and bama was disgraceful, and we had no business losing to tech….NONE.  Whole season has been sickening and I’m glad it’s over.
  • Last football bullet – I would be surprised if the UGA staff looks the same this spring as it does right now.  Let’s hope so anyway.
  • Thanksgiving was good. We went to Oconee State park and stayed at a cabin wednesday and thursday.  Was quiet, on a lake and we had a good time.
  • Came home and I spent Friday through Sunday sick with some weird flu/virus thing.  Fever, body ache, headache but no cold symptoms.  Was pretty miserable.
  • We’ve scaled down on our lights this year on the outside of our house.  Honestly, I’ve just had so much on my plate and trying to put up and maintain lights just wasn’t happening this year.  Had to say no to my inner clark griswald.
  • Things are pretty crazy right now with everything involved in launching the new campus and to be honest, I’m feeling overwhelmed.  I’ll be glad when that campus is launched.
  • Love this time of year.  Hoping to take some time off during the holidays and do a whole lot of nothing.

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