It’s the 2nd Most Wonderful Time….of the Year

Bar none, fall is my favorite time of the year. Football, cooler temps after a brutal summer heat, the fair, thanksgiving and yes, scary movies around Halloween ( really do like scary movies…not gore ones, but I keep the original Halloween movie on my Tivo year round). That said, my second favorite time of the year is the spring about a week or two before the Masters golf tournament begins.

Everything is beginning to bloom, it is still a little cool but nice enough to get out, Holy Week including Easter happens, spring break, spring football practice, the Georgia G-Day game and the Masters. It is a really cool time to live where we do. You can sense the build up and the excitement to the Masters even a month out. I’m not a golfer. I like to get out on the course, but 1. I don’t have time 2. when I play golf, little children run and hide, screaming all the way. I hate even more to watch golf on TV except….when the Masters comes to town. If I get a pass, I’ll go as often as I can. If I can’t, I’ll be glued to the tv…even in the early rounds.

You can keep up with the results and check out past footage at the Masters official site:

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