“hello, my name is alan…i’m a christmas music junkie”

All together now….”Hello Alan”

I admit it. On October evenings after the kids are in bed and I’m beginning to do some work on alive media or 4thought media stuff, I go to our closet and grab the Christmas music box (yes, we have a box…I told you I have a problem) and grab some charlie brown christmas, maybe some home alone christmas music, or some nice background jazz piano christmas music. I don’t know if it is that it just relaxes me, or reminds me of when I was a kid, but I just love it. When I was a kid, my parents had one of those old Sears stereos that was one big piece of furniture. It looks like a china storage chest…thingy. Anyway, you opened it up and it had a turntable that played albums. We had about 10 or so Christmas albums so we would stack them all on and let em rip. When one finished, the next one would drop down and play. Was the original disc changer. My personal favorite was the Partridge Family Christmas album. I know, I have issues.

Anyway, if you share this affliction, here’s a link to some online Christmas music with some variety that you can chose from at AccuHolidays.  Whatever you do, please get some help.

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