guys weekend

this past weekend Spencer and I got to hang out…..just the dudes. Kim and Hannah were at a mother/daughter retreat with Cedar Creek. We had a lot of fun hanging out. Our days were filled with totally guy stuff. All the things that a boy should experience: riding in a truck, going to Lowe’s, working out in the yard, taking a pile of junk to the dump, getting some slushies from Sonic, etc….Good Times.

Couple of things from the weekend:

  • my wife is awesome…let me just say that. As I was doing some of the things that she normally takes care of, I was thinking in my mind how blessed I am. Not saying that b/c I didn’t like what I was doing. Just makes you appreciate someone more when you get to walk in their shoes, you know 🙂
  • I love my boy…I really do. He’s so much fun to be around. He says some of the funniest things sometimes. I was wearing a ballcap and we were on our way to Lowe’s. He looks around and says, “I’m a man” while flexing his arms. Then in the next sentence, he says, “Oh no, I don’t have my hat.”…because that’s what a man should be wearing after all. Too funny.
  • I could spend way too much money at Lowe’s.
  • Spencer likes the red riding lawnmower’s at Lowe’s because “Red is my favorite color!”
  • I’m amazed at what people throw away at the landfill. I got to admit, I got a little redneck-packrat while there. I saw a few things there that I actually considered throwing in the back. I saw two minibikes that looked in good condition and I was this close to snagging em’….seriously…no really…..
  • Here’s our view from the truck below

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