Friday Update

Been a very busy week.  So much going on, but just wanted to give a quick update.  We’re alive and kickin’, but man, I am tired.  It’s raining outside right now and I feel my bed calling.

  • We have a lot of cool video and other elements in store for Sunday at CCC as we kick off a new series called CONNECT.
  • Kim and I are dropping off the kids tomorrow and heading out on a quick weekend getaway.  We’re heading to Athens for the game against Vandy and then spending the day together just hanging out.  Sunday morning we’re going to check out Revolution Church in Canton, GA.  Really looking forward to it.
  • Speaking of Vandy, when was the last time we played them and they were ranked?  Gonna be a tough game as Vandy usually plays us pretty close.  Will this be the game where UGA peaks?  We moved the ball at will against a very good UT defense so we’ll see.
  • Still got some painting to do on the trim by our floors.  Just been so much going on that it has been tough to find time to take care of those things.
  • Filled up Kim’s van today and it was so nice to pay less than $3 a gallon.  Was thinking about it and then got back in the car to the news that OPEC was going to be raising the price again.  Better stock up while you can.  That is why we need more energy independence….different post, different day.
  • Been working on several new web and video projects lately.  I’ll be posting some of them soon.
  • One of them is fairly recent.  It was a redesign for the Western Carolina State Fair.  It has been getting a ton of traffic as the fair is here in town now and has been fun to see a site that you design and setup get so much traffic.
  • Speaking of the fair, I’m looking forward to taking the kids to see the monster trucks next week at the fair.  They’re gonna love it!  Redneck entertainment at its finest..WOOOOOO!
  • okay, I’m out.  got a few more things to wrap up and them I’m off to bed.

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