Friday Mind Dump

Okay, it’s Friday and since it is one of my days off, I thought I would catch you up on a few thoughts and happenings in the life of “Dr. Jones”:

  • This Sunday at CCC could be one of those Sundays that will seriously rock some people’s worlds.  If you have people in your life that don’t know Jesus, invite them this Sunday….really.
  • Artie adjusted the white balance on the cameras as well as some other adjustments and they look great!  We’ve got some other adjustments to make on our projectors to step up our production qualities, but he is knocking it out of the park.
  • Finally am getting in another wireless mic.  Should make a HUGE difference in the audio of some of the vids we shoot.
  • Wish I had it in this past week.
  • Still trying to figure out the whole video delivery for multi-site.  Right now we’re looking at same day and our worse case is we have someone carrying over the sermon video to the other campus that is VERY good quality.  The best case is still being researched and worked through, but if it works out……will be VERY good quality and we COULD do live (not that we would necessarily) with the message in full broadcast quality.
  • Been a long week.  Glad for the weekend.
  • Hoping the DAWGS lay the smack down on the gamecocks this weekend.  We usually always play them close with the ocassional blow out.  I’m hoping this is the year that we blow them out.  Usually it is a close game because 1. While they are not one of our chief rivals, we are one of theirs.  2. They play us early in the year where depth is less of an issue.  The reason why SC starts out well usually but ends up fading is because of their depth.  Most first teams in the SEC can play with anybody across the country and compete.  It’s the second and third strings the separate the PLAYAS and the PRETENDAS.  3. Usually our offense doesn’t get in gear until about the 5th game of the season it seems.  So far, it is looking like it picked up where 2007 left off…close anyway.
  • trying to find volunteers that are skilled in video editing, video shoots, web developing and the like is difficult.  We have a few folks that are stepping up that have some skills that I’m excited about but could really use some more.  We have a new web design waiting in the wings right now that I haven’t been able to touch yet between multisite research and phone calls, video edits, video shoots, meetings, IT issues with our staff, etc.  Hoping to have a Web day this coming week but don’t know if it’ll happen.  I think we’re going to intensify our search for some volunteer web and video people.
  • Spencer and Hannah are doing really well so far in school.  Hannah is a good student, and studies hard.  Really proud of her.  Spencer is right on target with his academics.  Talked with one of the special ed admins/teachers today and got a good report (if you’re wondering, his diagnosis is PDDNOS )  Still have some work to do on his social skills, but that is typically where the bigger hurdles are.
  • got a secret project that Kim and I are working on together for a new business.  I’ve been working on the development part of the website, and we’re hoping to launch mid to late October.  Hard part is trying to grab a chunk of time here and there to get it off the ground.  I’ll keep you posted on that but I can’t say what it is just yet 🙂
  • ready for some fall weather.  We live in the armpit of the south…it is just SO hot and SO humid here.  If I could pick anywhere to live, it would be probably in this order: 1. North Augusta – why?  because I grew up there.  Weird but that’s one of those places.  Has a small town feel but is close enough to stuff in case you want to get into it.  Has nothing to do with the weather, but I just like the feel. 2. Okay, next would have to be the upstate of GA – grandparents and parents are all originally from the ATL area although my parents live in NA still.  Like the weather, it is usually at least 10 degrees cooler and is close to Athens 🙂 3. Upstate SC – great weather, a lot of greenery, foothills, still not far from the beach and the mountains 4. Raleigh-Durham-Cary NC area – visited there a good bit as we have friends there.  Place is beautiful, especially in the fall.  Cooler temps, metro area, mountains close by, beach not too far away.

Sorry for the long post…..ready to chill out, cheer on the DAWGS and hang with the family 🙂

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