Ed Young – C3 First & Second Sessions

Here are some of my notes and highlights from the first two seesions at C3. Hopefully they will make sense:

– Subject: Betrayal
– Big Idea: there is a big elephant in the room when it comes to church leadership: betrayal
– Story of Joseph
– Joseph in the pit of betrayal – Gen 37
– “pit” happens when you lead
– everyone in the room is either pre-pit, in the pit, post pit
– my enemies can’t betray me…only those that I’m close to, that I’m friends with
– there’s always a Judas at your table, and he’ll always be close enough to kiss you
– a lot of the stuff about leadership (training, tips, books, conferences) comes from experience withe issue of betrayal
– Joseph was betrayed by his brothers
– Gen 37:3 – Joseph’s brothers felt betrayed by their father so they wanted Joseph to feel as betrayed as they did
– Joseph began to share his vision with his brothers and it got him in trouble
– there’s a time to share your vision and a time to hush
– sharing vision to early, too often, and with the wrong people it feeds the fires of betrayal
– envy engineers and fosters betrayal
– when in the pit, it is important to move from why me? to what now?
– favor of God is not fair, some people are just favored and blessed – we need to support them and encourage them
– Joseph’s brothers used goat blood to betray their brother to their father…their father used goat’s fur to betray his father
– Psalm 40:1-4 – in betrayal, in the pit are you waiting patiently – “many will see and fear and put their trust in the Lord.”
– People are looking to how you respond in the pit
– when you’re in the pit, are you hanging with the adders or the ladders? Adder is a snake, beware those that want to inject bitterness and negativity during the pit, too often become like that ourselves in the pit. Ladders – people who are positive, they say let me help you, let me encourange, assist, care for you – their focus is on God, they’re pointing you to God
– the bigger the blessing, the bigger the betrayal: when God is about to bless, watch around the corner for it when you are in the betrayal
– Joseph’s abilities and skills were not enough to take him to the next level alone because his integrity and character was not there yet
– once your character and talent sync up, God will begin to take you to a whole nother’ level
– as a leader, you are in character training….always
– if you are on staff and are ready to do your own thing, be patient b/c God is working on your character and is preparing you
– Joseph was promoted because of endurance but most of all b/c LOYALTY: he way loyal to potiphar, loyal to pharaoh, he was in character school
– God hasn’t forgotten about you…he’s waiting for your talent and character to sync up
– true success is found in living in the will of God, that’s success
– potiphar was married to hotiphar, when you’re in the favor of God, you will be tempted
– Joseph was loyal….we have to be loyal to God and loyal to each others
– it’s easy to be disloyal but we have to get under the things that God has placed over us so that we can get over the things that God has placed under us (authority)
– breaking you down to breaking you out to breaking you through to a new level
– where are you now?
– Joseph brothers came back to him during famine
– joseph had the ability to strike them down
– betrayers will come to a point of a famine of the soul
– gen 50:20 – “He brought me to this position so that I could save the lives of many people.”
– Betrayal will separate the players from the posers
– Watch and see who believes the lies after betrayal
– church structure is huge (bylaws and constitution): when betrayal hits you’re able to cover it
– In Joseph’s life, one act of betrayal led to the salvation of a nation
– In Jesus’ life, one act of betrayal led to the salvation of everyone

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