C3 Closing Worship Service – Bishop T.D. Jakes

Man, what a night. Was a very powerful service that ended up with TD Jakes praying over and with the preacher’s wives….man, it was awesome!

Here are my notes:

T.D. Jakes

Genesis 37:1-5, 18-24
“God’s Got You Covered”
Story of Joseph in the Old Testament

  • If you can’t dream in the midst of adversity, it is not a dream from God
  • You are favored by God
  • He already has things worked out in your life
  • In the OT, God used people’s lives and stories to preach a sermon
  • Joseph is a “type” of Christ meaning that he was an OT shadow of Jesus Christ…there are parallels to he and Jesus
  • He is just a shadow, though, as he is not the Christ
  • There is only a shadow when there is light

Joseph was like Jesus in the following ways:

  • Jos. was born of a woman’s womb that was closed up
  • Jos. was the beloved son of his father, Jacob, and his father openly displayed it with a coat of many colors (NT: “this is my beloved son…”)
  • Jos. was openly hated by his brethren
  • Jos. brothers sold him for silver
  • Jos. was put down in the pit
  • Jos. was extended to the gentile nation (egypt); through Paul, Jesus was extended to the gentiles
  • Jos. walked in the divine favor of God
  • The favor of God isn’t fair
  • Jacob loved all of his sons but he had a special relationship with Joseph
  • Coat of many colors = given special distinction
  • If the favor of God is on your life, God will bless you to where people can’t help but notice (coat of many colors)
  • If youare a leader and only have a vision for people that are like you, then your vision is way too small
  • Your God is bigger than your background
  • doesn’t matter how old you are or where you are in life, don’t let people define your destiny and purpose
  • You don’t began to understand who Joseph is when he is in the pit or in prison, but later on.
  • God took an inmate and made him a prince of Egypt
  • Real character is not revealed in the pit but rather when you’re in power – when you “don’t need anyone”
  • God blesses you to bless other people – even people who betray you
  • there is a correlation b/w trust and favor

In your life, you will have three types of people around you, especially as a church leader:

  1. Confidants – won’t be as many in life. People that are few and far between. You can be transparent with them. They got your back. If you have 2 or 3 in your life, then you are a blessed person
  2. Constituents – they are not for you but are for what you are for. They have similar vision and goals. They are not for you. Don’t make constituents into confidants. When someone comes along that can get them where they want to go, they will leave you.
  3. Comrades – not for you, not for what you are for. They are against what you are against. They are never for you.

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