hey, sorry I’ve been absent some as of late.  I’ve had a lot on my plate and A LOT on my mind.  When I’m processing through and thinking through things, I tend to get introspective and not very expressive 🙂 Have a full day ahead but wanted to jot down a few notes while I’m thinking about it:

  • today is my birthday…not sure how to feel about birthdays anymore.  36 today….and glad to be alive 🙂
  • feel like right now is the calm before the storm with multi-site.  Over the next several weeks we’re going to be getting in a lot of the equipment.  New camera, projectors, lighting rig, etc.
  • Love my kids like crazy.  They are just so fun at times and just say things that make me laugh.
  • Been reading a book that I’ve been wanting to read for a long time called Confessions of a Reformission Rev. by Mark Driscoll.  I’m not a very consistent reader of books.  I like to read but tend to do so in spurts.  This is one book that I think EVERY..and I mean EVERY…pastor should get there hands on.  One of those that I have a hard time putting down.  It tells the Mars Hill Church (seattle) story but more importantly addresses some key issues that I think churches that consider themselves “contemporary” need to seriously pray and ponder over.  CCC included.
  • Would appreciate your prayers.  God has really been stretching me in some areas of my life.

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