Bishop T.D. Jakes – C3 Seventh Session

Bishop T.D. Jakes
Luke 24:13-35
The Order of the Breaking of Bread

• The disciples and followers were shocked when Jesus went to the cross vs establishing the kingdom on earth
• If you’re not experiencing conflict, then you’re not a leader, you’re a follower
• It’s odd that those that said that they knew Christ best didn’t recognize Him when He showed up
• Jesus doesn’t show up in the religious trappings that we think he should
• When God does something in your church that goes against status quo, expect controversy
• The disciples on the road did what we do…..they try to teach Jesus about Jesus
• How could they not recognize His voice because everyone else did
• They should have recognized His voice, His face, His mastery of the revelation of God’s plan through the prophets over a 7 mile stretch
• The beginning of wisdom for a true leader is to know that you don’t know as much as you think you do..if you can lead and still learn then God will show us more than we can deal with
• Still they said to abide with us
• You can’t lead people that are not thirsty..Jesus acted like He was leaving and they asked him to stay on
• You can’t lead until you are going into a dimension of ministry that you wouldn’t dare go it alone and plead to ask Him “Don’t leave me, Lord”
• So Jesus came in and sat down at the table with them
• He took bread, blessed it, broke it and gave it to them
• And SUDDENLY, their eyes were open and they saw Him for who He is
• People perceive Jesus in the simple things
• It wasn’t important what He ate, it was HOW he ate it
• He took it, he blessed it, he broke it and gave it to them…just like the night of the Passover…the same thing
• Also, when the 5000 were there…he took it, he blessed, broke it, gave it to them
• There’s something about that…not in what He ate, but in the order He did it in
• It’s the same process throughout scripture, he took it, He blessed them, broke them, gave them to be a blessing to others….even with Christ
• It’s the same process with us
• It takes us years to figure out that the breaking stage is the blessing stage for it is there that we learn to know Him and trust Him
• He never gives to the people any bread that hasn’t been broken
• Too often, we give the mic, the leadership and the mantle to people who have never been broken

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