Beef in a Box?

beef.jpgOkay, so yesterday I met a man named Gary who has a business delivering meats (beef, chicken, seafood, pork) to people’s homes. He gave us the sales pitch about their products. They sell meats that are individually vacuum wrapped. Each type of meat has different selections in them. For example, the beef box has hamburgers, tbones, beef tips, and a various assortment of steaks. It is a lot of beef. Our neighbor had purchased meat from them and said nothing but good things about it. So, the Jones family is experimenting with the beef in the box, although the alaskan king crab legs looked GOOD!

Last night I was dying to try some to see if it was worth the money. So I put two steaks on the grill, without any seasoning, to see if I had wasted my money or not…..OH MY! Cooked them medium and they were SO good. “Make-you-wanna-jump-up-and-slap-your-mama” good. I’ll be trying the different varieties, and if we like the rest, then we’ll give it our official “Approved By” stamp of approval and maybe even send some business their way.

Anyone else buy meat or other foods from a delivery person like that? Would be interested to hear what your experience has been.

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