AJ Mind Dump

Wanted to shoot a quick note as my body is dead tired, but I have a ton on my mind.  Been a while since I’ve done an update, too.  Will probably be pretty random.

  • The West Campus open house went really well tonight.  We were able to do about 4 run throughs of most of the media components and I really think Kenny and the media team are doing a great job.
  • Multi-Site has really consumed a lot of my energy and time, and I’m really excited to see it about to launch for several reasons: 1. I think it is going to blow up and be at two services by April 2. I have a lot of projects that I need to address that I haven’t had the time to do so and am really looking forward to tackling
  • I really think January is going to be a big month for my family and I personally.  Not sure why or what exactly, but I just think that God is at work on some things that are going to blow us away.
  • How about my Dawgs? Finished out the year well by beating Michigan State after a disappointing loss to GT.
  • Speaking of college football, there are two teams that you will never see me pull for: GT and Florida.  I just can’t bring myself to do it. Nothing personal against anyone, but I just can’t do it. Next week in the National Championship, I’m all Boomer Sooner…go OU.
  • I’ve had a lot on my mind lately that I’m praying about.  Would really covet your prayers.  Just really trying to seek God’s desire and direction.
  • Do people actually buy Snuggies?  That has to be the goofiest looking article of clothing I’ve seen in a while.  Looks straight out of Star Trek or something.
  • Back is doing better. Went to chiro twice and rested it a lot this past week. Now I’m feeling a cold coming on….bleh.
  • Kim is blogging now. We just set it up so she’ll be blogging soon: http://www.kimjonesblog.com/
  • I need some new books that will challenge me. Saw one by Andy Stanley that I think I’m going to grab. Love some suggestions.
  • Had a chance to meet with some friends from high school right after Christmas. Kim and I had a great time. Amazing how much you change and how much you stay the same.
  • Set some goals for the year a few weeks ago. Wrote them down and am planning on fleshing out how I’m going to achieve them a little more this coming week.
  • Going to veg for a bit with some TV and then bed.

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