AJ Mind Dump

So it’s been a while since I posted as I’ve been out of town some.  Here is the latest from the world of Jones:

  • Spent the past week and a half in Hilton Head, SC.  From Sunday to Friday, I was there with Walter and Danny doing some production for a camp called Breakaway.  The rest of the time was spent with my family on some vacation time.
  • Breakaway – This was a our 4th year doing that camp.  Basically our day at breakaway consists of the following: 1. morning worship – where we run cameras, and propresenter for the meeting 2. film seminars – around 10:30 am 3. afternoon – Danny and Walter film recreation (both organized and non) and bring tapes to me where I edit for the the evening highlight reel 4. 6pm – tape student stories/testimonies to be used in the morning worship time 5. around 7:45 – evening worship where we run cameras, and propresenter for the meeting.  Also tape the messages/meeting for later use 6. late night – edit student stories and other pieces for morning/evening the next day.  Somewhere in between, we eat and sleep.  Not a whole lot of beach or pool time in there at all.  Seeing 300+ students encounter Jesus is a VERY cool thing.
  • We usually hit Myrtle Beach with the family but things worked out great to spend our family vacation at HHI.  Was a great change of pace and some much needed R&R.
  • Got to read a little bit and finished up Craig Groeschel’s book IT.  I’ve read a good number of books on leadership.  This one ranks at the top, imo.  His chapter on Vision and the last two chapters should be a must read for every pastor and staff.  Some insightful questions at the end of each chapter that would be great for a leadership team to walk through, too.
  • Got the vacation hangover.  Calls for double doses of coffee.
  • Still have a lot of exciting things heading this way this summer.  Looking forward to it.
  • Biggest takeaway from the book IT was a prayer: God, stretch me, ruin me and heal me.  Amen…..seriously, you need to get that book.
  • Reading through Andy Stanley’s “Making Vision Stick”.  gonna be good, I can already tell.
  • I’m seriously thinking of going to no conferences over the next year.  I might make an exception, though, for Catalyst.  dunno
  • Wrapping up several ecommerce sites over the next few weeks.  Looking forward to seeing them go live.
  • Waiting on God’s timing is TOUGH!  Possibly the hardest thing I’ve had to process through in my life.  I’m not a very patient person, you can ask my wife.  Once I get an idea, a thought, a passion or new direction, usually my immediate next thought is “okay, let’s roll on that…” Can you relate to that?
  • all for now.

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