AJ Mind Dump

Just a few random thoughts and updates from the life and mind of Jones:

  • Been a good week.  Finally started feeling like myself in the last few days.  Hoping for a much healthier spring.
  • Speaking of spring, excited about spring practice starting up for the DAWGS.  I’m still shocked that we were able to win 10 games in spite of how bad we played at times, especially on defense.  Spring ball can give you an idea of who may be the next player to breakout.
  • Can’t wait to take the kids to Disney World in about a month.  It will be their first time.  We’re working on getting everything in order for it right now.
  • Speaking of traveling, excited about heading to UNLEASH at Newspring this week.  Then, Kim and I are heading to North Georgia for a quick weekend getaway.  Looking forward to it.
  • Speaking of football, GATORS WEAR JEAN SHORTS.
  • This story is why we have security at CCC.  I am convinced that EVERY church should have solid, well thought out security, not just a guy named Bubba that looks really mean.  This could happen to any church, anywhere.  I use to think that guys who had large churches were pompous when they had security around them.  That changed several years ago.  As your church grows, so do the number of crazy people that want a piece of you.  At CCC, the security is packing heat for good reasons.
  • Was sitting in church this morning, and I looked over and there was a lady sitting there crocheting during the service, listening to the message…..that’s a first!  ….crocheting…during church….really?
  • Been loving this weather this weekend.
  • Ready to get back into my routines.  Since I’ve had this stuff going on with the staph infection, it has totally thrown everything off in my schedule.  Ready to get back into working out more regularly.  During the last week, my workout has consisted of hitting home runs on Wii sports.  Better than nothing, but not quite what I need 🙂
  • Love my wife…she’s my best friend and she’s hot
  • I’ve had a ton of people over the past week that have been inquiring about doing some website work for them.  I’m grateful, but I’m wondering what has caused it to skyrocket all the sudden, especially in this economy.
  • Going to enjoy the day.  peace.

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