AJ Mind Dump

Been quite a week.  This may be short as I’m having to type this while lying down on my bed.  Just wanted to give a quick update on me/us for those that have been asking/praying:

  • Started this past week with a fever and a pretty nasty boil/infection.  Had it treated by a surgeon in an in-office procedure and felt like it was doing well.
  • Went back on Friday for a routine check up to get the packing changed and my doctor just wasn’t satisfied with how it was healing.  So, Friday afternoon around 3PM I was admitted to Aiken Regional for outpatient surgery so they could go back in and remove any remaining infection.  It was diagnosed as a staph infection called MRSA.  Apparently it is a pretty nasty infection.
  • I’m on some good antibiotics and vicodin for pain as needed.
  • My wife is a champ. She has taken care of me very well.  I’m blessed to have her.
  • I’m hoping to get back on my feet by Wed/Thursday.  Got a lot of work to do.  Right now it’s hard to sit up with where the incision is located.
  • Had to miss all of C3 this past week.  Danny and Kenny both said it went really well, though.  Maybe next year.
  • Appreciate all the prayers, phone calls, visits and messages.  All of them really helped.
  • This whole ordeal threw off my 40 Days of Blogging by a few days.  As I can, I hope to get that back on track.
  • That’s all for now.  Peace.

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