AJ Mind Dump

Here’s the latest in the life of Jones:

  • been working through the book of Acts in my time with God.  I’m amazed by the faith and raw trust that the early church had in Jesus.  Has been challenging me on a lot of levels.
  • As a sports fan, this time of the year is my second favorite next to college football season.  Love watching college basketball and the tournament.
  • Speaking of college basketball, UGA let Dennis Felton go as coach and is now in the coaching search business.  I really hope that the Dawgs can find a coach that can bring our program up to the next level.  The state of Georgia has a TON of bball talent that usually ends up out of state or at Tech.  Need to close the borders on that.
  • Next week I’m headed out to C3 in Dallas.  Really looking forward to that.  I’ll be doing some live blogging of the general sessions so be sure to check back.  Need some refreshing and looking forward to get away and hopefully hear from God on some things.
  • Speaking of conferences, some of our staff and volunteers from CCC are headed to UNLEASH at Newspring again in March.  This is a great one day conference, and I am stoked that Kim is going with me this year.
  • Had Demon Hunter’s LIVE cd spinnin the last few weeks and am loving it.  Looking forward to U2’s new album coming out next month.
  • Got a lot of new web projects on the table right now.  Thankful for them in this economy.
  • Heading to Snowshoe with the high schoolers in a few weeks.  Should be some good times.  Love snowshoe.
  • Working through the video over IP for CCC’s multi-site campuses.  Video over IP, if you don’t know, is kinda like voice over IP (like Vonage).  Except, it’s video instead of voice.  I think we’re getting close to finding the solution we want.  Once in place, it will give us the ability to do live messages to all of our campuses, plus some very cool interaction possibilities.  Getting some pricing for the final piece of the puzzle this week.
  • That’s about all for now. l8r

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