AJ Mind Dump

Really happy for the long weekend.  Planning on using tomorrow to catch up on some projects.  Just a few thoughts to wrap up the week.

  • Cedar Creek West had its official launch today.  Total of 441 people showed up today.  That’s pretty amazing.  Still stand by my prediction that it will be at two services by March.
  • Speaking of the West Campus, just wanted to say that there is not a doubt in my mind that Wes is God’s man for that campus.  Have the utmost respect for that bro.
  • We’ve got to really nail down the streaming delivery to that campus.  Right now we’re using P2 cards taped at the 9 AM service at the Banks Mill campus.  That will work for one service but not two.
  • It’s pretty cool to see all the hard work, research and legwork finally becoming a reality on the media end.  A lot of media and lights hardware going on to make that happen.  Kenny and the team are doing an excellent job with the setup and production.
  • Met last week with our projection and light suppliers in Ridge Spring to begin preliminary pricing and such for Cedar Creek On The Ridge campus.
  • Going to be hiring some video and graphic help part time over the next several weeks.
  • Really believe I heard from God this past week about some things that I’ve been praying about and working through in my head for a while.  Don’t worry…I’m not losing my mind…yet anyway 🙂  Had a great conversation that really helped.  Don’t know where that path will lead, but excited about growing to a new level.
  • Started reading through the book of Acts in my time with God.  Some new stuff that God is speaking in to my life.
  • Had to put any speaking on the backburner in the months leading up to the west campus launch.  Feelin like I’d like to speak again soon.
  • Phillip used this verse in his message this morning.  Rocked my world.  Going to pray this for my life, family and ministry…”God, you did it once….do it again..” (my paraphrase): Habakkuk 3:2
  • Can’t wait to hit C3.  Has always been a time to refuel for me.  I’ll be heading out there with Danny and Kenny B.
  • My kids crack me up with some of the things they say.  Tonight I was saying prayers with Spencer, and he told God that he was proud of me for buying him some Skittles…one of his personal favorites 🙂
  • Got several large web projects that are about to hit.  Looking forward to working through them.
  • Really wish we had some snow.  When I was a kid, I remember during winter time waking up in the morning on school days, looking out my window just hoping that it had snowed during the night.  I have some very vivid memories of some great snows we had at my house growing up.  Didn’t have very many, but the ones we did have were so much fun.
  • I think I’m becoming an HD snob.  The picture is just insane. Can’t wait to watch my DAWGS in the fall in HD.  If I’m not at the game, I’ll be at the house eating cheese dip and enjoying the picture there.
  • Speaking of the DAWGS, I’m officially on the WeNeedANewBasketballCoach bandwagon.  Harrick put our team in a huge mess 6 years ago, but to score less than 20 points at the half against a rebuilding vandy team is just pathetic.  We had 19 points today at half against Kentucky.  Felton is a standup guy, but I think he has taken us as far as he can.  Just not a very good coach or recruiter up to this point.  Time for the AD to open up the wallet and bring in a top tier coach.
  • Going to watch a movie with Kim. peace.

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