AJ Mind Dump

Well, blogging has been sketchy as of late.  Just really been a lot of things here and there going on that have kept me away.  This will probably be pretty random:

  • Loving the fall, even more than usual this year.  I was trying to think of why, and I think I’ve nailed down several reasons.  Last year this time I was feeling incredibly overwhelmed because I was trying to get the remaining media, lighting and other pieces together to help launch the West Campus at Cedar Creek.  That and I was also beginning an online start up side business which I had to lay to rest this summer (that’s another post for another time).  It was a crazy time last year.  Plus, it seems that in this area we’re actually having a fall with some cooler temps here and there this year.  The trees have been pretty brilliant, too, in all their colors.
  • Kind of along with that, I think this year I’ve actually taken the time more to “breathe” and enjoy the fall and Thanksgiving season.  I’ve had a chance to really think through how blessed I am…and we are.  God forgive me for the times I haven’t told You enough just how grateful I am for everyone and everything in my life.
  • Can I be real?  Is it okay here to do that?  This past year has been an incredibly dry time in my life spiritually.  It’s been difficult.  Just been going through a lot on the inside and for a guy that usually wears his emotions on his sleeve, that’s not always a good thing.  I sit here now, not having a whole lot of “answers” about the things I’ve been praying about.  I think that is how life is sometimes, that it is not so cut and dry and we don’t always understand why we go through those times…not on this side of Heaven anyway.  That said, I am hopeful.
  • Been working on several web projects over the past several months.  Here are a few that have gone live: Symphony Orchestra Augusta (previously the Augusta Symphony), Gateway Community Church, relaunch of 4Thought Media and the Swank Co.
  • Feeling like I really want to become an After Effects guru.  I’ve pretty much run the gamut in Final Cut Pro, but am still kind of a novice in After Effects even though I’ve done a good many projects in it.  Looking to spend some time over the next several months learning more.
  • Heading to Macon, GA for Thanksgiving this year.  Haven’t been there in 3 or 4 years so it will be good to see everyone there on my mom’s side of the family.  Looking forward to hanging out with my sister, too.
  • My Christmas List: 1. Gift cards to go shopping for some clothes 2. chocolate 3. a new defensive coordinator and linebacker coach for my DAWGS………..and World Peace.
  • Speaking of the DAWGS, really sad to hear that UGA VII passed away yesterday.  Wasn’t very old at all and died of a heart attack.  Came across this short video put together with Larry Munson below.  The word is now that they won’t get another UGA until after the season.
  • That’s about it for now.


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