AJ 1, Ceramic Tile 0….

….thinset concrete 1, AJ 0

So, our kitchen floor is ceramic tile in thinset on a concrete slab. Now, the correct process would have been to have attached the ceramic tile to a cement backer board or some sort of membrane instead of directly onto the concrete slab. Why that didn’t happen when the house was built is another post for another day 🙂

The result of the former are two distinct cracks in the ceramic tile where the foundation settled. So, this weekend, I began the process of pulling up some tile with a heavy duty hammer and chisel. I was able to rip up about 9 tiles with relative ease. The thinset under it?…..wasn’t budging. Looks like I’m headed for renting a powered chipping hammer to get it all up. I’ll have some photos of the process so you can see the start and finish. Planning on putting down some sort of floating floor….maybe a Pergo-type.

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