12 years ago today…

..I was introduced as the new student pastor at Cedar Creek Church.  Been quite a ride.  Still am incredibly thankful to Richard Swift for taking a chance on this punk kid :).  Some interesting changes at CCC (and in me) have occurred along the way:

Then: When I first arrived, we were still meeting in a day care and were averaging close to 400 people and had two services.  Our offices were in downtown Aiken in the old post office.  The only staff at that time was Richard (Lead Pastor), Kay (Secretary), Travis (Small Groups Pastor), and me as student pastor.

Now: We’re averaging close to 3,000 people across 3 campuses and a total of 5 worship experiences.  I think our staff is around 30 and we’re trying to find places for staff offices.

Then: I was coming in to my second student ministry position and was still learning the ministry ropes.

Now: In 2004, God shifted the focus of my ministry and I began leading our visual media and production at Cedar Creek….and I’m still learning the ministry ropes.

Then: Kim was pregnant with our first child Hannah.

Now: We have two kids, Hannah and Spencer.  Hannah is in middle school.  That is still a scary thought.  After doing student ministry for that long and being able to remember my middle and high school days, it helps to keep my prayer life focused.

From what I know, I think 12 years is a probably above average in one church considering most people in ministry tend to move around more often than that.  Have no clue what the journey has ahead, but if you would have told me I would be where I am at 12 years ago, I probably would have laughed.

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