10 years old today

My little girl Hannah turns 10 years old today….and I feel old 🙂

Seriously, I remember the day that she was born very clearly. I remember walking down the hallways of St. Joseph’s Hospital feeling like I was floating – it was just magical. There is nothing like holding that precious gift in your hands and the reality hits you that God has entrusted her to Kim and I. WOW!

When Kim was pregnant with her, we had all of these people saying “oh your life is going to change….” to the point that if we heard it just one more time, we might have gone Old Testament on em. However, there was one old man that walked up to Kim one day and obviously, she was showing big time. He said something that I remember to this day: “Oh, honey you don’t know what love is until you have a baby.”….There is a lot of truth in that. As I was holding this incredible gift 10 years ago, experiencing the amount of love at that moment, the thought nailed me “This is what the Father gave for me? Now that is love.”

Happy Birthday Hannah-Bear!

hannah thinks through her wish choices

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