10 Tips for Blogging

Last year at UNLEASH I checked in at Tony Morgan’s breakout session on blogging.  He was hitting 10 tips on being an effective blogger.  Thought I’d recap those here:

  1. Determine your primary audience. Who are you speaking to.  Who is it for?
  2. Post regularly. Need to post almost daily.  Share your life. Invite dialogue.
  3. Keep your post short. People are busy and want quick hits.  Bullet points are good.
  4. Don’t sell yourself. be honest, real and use stories.  People flee from people who act like they have it all together.
  5. Use humor. Be careful here. Self deprecating, not digs at other people.
  6. Stop attacking other people and ministries. Do people know you for what you are for or what you are against?
  7. Remember that blogging isn’t private. Some things are for public, some things are not. If in doubt, ask someone you trust to look it over first.
  8. Be a thought leader. People want to hear your story.
  9. Don’t listen to all of your critics.
  10. Reveal the real you. What is your passion?  What are you passionate about?

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